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Okay, so currently Instagram is really, really picky and sticky about allowing you to automatically post your pictures, without being involved in the process.

BUT there is a fabulous way to pre-plan your posts, to have weeks or even months of posts a head, all ready to go, and to receive an email reminder at times that you have pre-set.

Oh and did I mention you can do it from your computer, your tablet or your phone?  You can seamlessly transition from one device to the other.

When the time comes to post, you hit the link in the email that arrives, and magically Instagram opens and your picture is ready to post.

If you want to use some of the built in filters you can, AND the caption you have done in advance is ready to add, it's been magically added to your clip board so all you do is hit paste.

If you want to tag any one, you can even set that up in advance, or you can do that on the fly after you hit post.

You are free to add your location or post the same message on Twitter or Facebook or both, it takes literally a split second after you receive the email reminder and you're all done.

You can even do your hashtags in advance and they then become part of the same few second process to post your picture and content on Instagram.

Here is another fabulous feature.  You can upload your pictures to a rough draft that even automatically includes some of your most recent posts, so as you pre-plan your posts you can get a feel for what the overall look and feel of your Instagram page will be.

If you don't love how your pictures look in the grid,  you can drag the pictures around the template, until you are happy with the lay out.  You can add and subtract pictures at will.

Again, all from any device including your computer.

I'm not sure how I managed my Instagram accounts before I discovered this service.

Be my guest and take a FREE test drive.

If you love it as much as I do, it's a whopping $10 per month.

Yes, you'll notice that we have a huge amount of likes on our posts, and a more than decent amount of followers.


Instagram likes engagement, and LIKES = engagement which equates to YOU being in the top 9 posts on Instagram, in categories of your choosing.  Being in the TOP 9 posts, on Discovery pages = more eyeballs on your marketing messages.  When you really “get” what is possible with the fastest growing Social Media Platform you won't be able to sleep.

Yes, we have some secret weapons.

And yes, we'll share…. http://InstaWithMarie.com

We'll even personally help you tweak our favorite services and tools to suit your exact needs, including sharing how to send automatic Direct Messages that are guaranteed to get you a way better than average response.

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