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Thanks to my friend Mark for letting me share this success story.

Oh and chances are really good that you found this through one of my Instagram accounts.

Mark followed a few simple steps and began using a few simple tools —  and immediately gave his Instagram account “the WOW factor”.

It's no secret that when you see an account with posts that have a large number of LIKES that it stops you in your tracks – right?

Well, it turns out that Instagram rewards accounts that have a lot of engagement and Instagram rewards popular posts by having them show up in the TOP 9, and in “most popular” posts — AND show up on Discovery Pages.

I went to the search feature on Instagram, and I was logged in with an account where I was NOT following Mark, and low and behold there was Mark's most recent post front and centre on the Discovery page.

Instagram was showing me Mark right along side Kim Kardashian – who by the way I do not follow.

In other words Mark was strategically positioned by Instagram where those who were not following him could find him, in turn driving more traffic to his Instagram Bio and the link to his website in that bio.

Mark with one simple addition to his Instagram tool set is playing with the big boys (gals).

Oh, and before you ask — Mark did NOT pay Instagram for advertising.

Being featured on the Discovery Pages is based on the popularity of your posts.

It's the same with being featured on Top 9 Posts.

With a few simple tools you can literally pick the hashtags that are pertinent to YOUR business and YOU too can rank.


Need help with any aspect of Instagram, please don't be shy – click the link.

We can help you

1.  easily increase your following = your social proof AKA influence
2.  increase your engagement (LIKES + comments)
3.  auto post – set your posts in advance
4.  send automatic Direct Messages that work

Cheers to YOUR success!


Marie Bennett &
Anson MacLauchlan

#1 income earners in 2 network marketing companies

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