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Instagram grew from 400 million users in January of 2017 to over 700 Million in October of 2017 TO 1 BILLION users in June 2018.

Instagram is growing faster than the next 10 most popular forms of social media combined.

Internalize that for a moment,10 times faster than Facebook and Twitter and 8 other forms of social media combined.

Engagement on Instagram is 58 times greater than the engagement on Facebook.

If you have a brand or business and you are not using Instagram to drive traffic to YOUR website, you are missing out!

YOU can consistently rank in TOP 9 for hashtags of your choosing, AND be featured on Explore &  Discovery Pages!

Your content can go viral.  You can rank in laser targeted, specific to YOUR business niche hashtags.  Virtually FREE exposure for YOUR business or brand is a very good thing.


Instagram rewards those with lots of likes by boosting popular posts to Discovery pages.  Being on Discovery pages not only keeps your content in front of your existing followers, it drives NEW followers to your Instagram page and YOUR website.  PLUS a large number of LIKES causes YOUR posts to go viral, which in turn means even more eyeballs on YOUR marketing messages!



Not only does Instagram reward you for lots of likes, but think about this — when you see a post on Instagram with a LARGE number of LIKES, it makes you stop and take notice — right?  You are not alone.  When YOUR posts have a LARGE number of LIKES, you will have what is referred to as “Social Proof”, AKA the “WOW factor”, YOU will be perceived as an “authority” in your niche.   A large number of likes will drive, potential, laser targeted clients to check out the website in your bio.

YOU can be highly competitive in hashtag categories that have millions of uses and searches — IF you have engagement.  HINT:  Boosting LIKES works.  LIKES = engagement.

PLUS now with Instagram allowing users to FOLLOW not just accounts but hashtags it means that YOUR posts can show up in the feed of those who are NOT following you, if you have engagement and are using hashtags properly = even more exposure for you and your brand.   P.S.  Don't worry, we teach our subscribers what they need to succeed.

Instagram introduced “Stories” in August of 2017 and by September,  200 million people PER day were using “Stories”.

Facebook owns Instagram and many of the I.G. features are about to be combined with Facebook – would you like to be ahead of the curve – for once?

Wow, you were NOT kidding — your combination of tools and teaching/coaching could not be any simpler. I post and within minutes the LIKES and comments start to flood in.

I was pretty happy with my engagement, but something magical happened when I started following along with your methods.

Ending up on Discovery and Explore Pages and in Top 9 creates even more engagement than I expected, and it drives NEW traffic to the website in my bio. My existing followers are even more curious and I'm gaining new followers on a daily basis.

You weren't kidding me when you said I could create the WOW factor for MY account!

Thanks for the tips and thanks for taking your time to help me tweak my account.

Mark B.

Since 1999 we’ve been successfully isolating, implementing and teaching, cutting edge, online and social media marketing techniques. Methods that will help YOU generate leads for YOUR business.

Mastering online and social media marketing techniques has helped us not only reach the top ranks in multiple network marketing companies, it’s helped us be the #1 income earners in 2 companies.

We're experts at isolating what is working and working really well, right now!

As #1 income earners in 2 network marketing companies we have a proven track record and can teach you how to utilize Instagram marketing techniques to sponsor more reps, generate more leads and become top income earners in YOUR company.

We specialize in helping network marketers but no matter what your business is, we can help you.

During the last 20 years Marie and Anson have been the number one income earners in 2 of the 4 networking companies they have been involved with.

They are experts at isolating, implementing and teaching others, cutting edge, online marketing and lead generation techniques, including methods that are free.

#1 income earners in 2 network marketing companies

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